Matchbook Program - Direct Mailer


Direct Mail Campaign

How It Works!

    The Matchbook Direct Mail Campaign (item# PM411-Promo) is designed to help you increase your golf sales,
    with very little effort.

Please Follow These Simple Instructions

  • (1) Choose 10 Prospective Customers.

  • (2) Mail each of them :

  • (3) Follow up with an e-mail informing your customer that you’ll be calling to discuss their golf program in one week.

  • (4) One week later make the phone call.

  • (5) Sit back, and enjoy the incoming orders.

How To Order Your Matchbook Direct Mail Campaign Kit.

  • (1) Send Your completed PO to referencing the Direct Mail Program with item number (PM411-Promo). Orders will ship direct to you.

  • (2) Please note on your PO if you wish to receive special flyers with your order.
  • (3) Send your artwork to

Testimonial :

“ This is great! I received 7 Orders, 5 for golf and 2 others”

Please Note:

  • -Your cost is $1 per matchbook + $5 shipping. To keep your follow up more manageable, we recommend only sending out 10 matchbooks at a time.

  • -Extra special pricing, free set ups, and free extra colors are honored for 60 days; make sure the date on the letter is correct.

  • -In order to receive extra special pricing, free set ups, and free extra colors please reference Matchbook Self Promotion on purchase orders.

  • -The extra special golf ball pricing offered reflects a 20% margin. Please call for specific golf ball prices.


Matchbook tee holder with divot tool